AMANDA blakesley
DESIGNER, Allied asid

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After receiving my BS in Interior Design from SDSU, I developed my design philosophy working on site with contractors and managing retail projects in window coverings, flooring, and cabinetry.  Through these experiences, I realized the value of balance, keeping my designs functional without sacrificing the aesthetic.  I create a concept for each project, giving purpose and meaning to my design. Listening to my clients wants, needs, likes, and dislikes helps me create a well balanced design.  I look forward to learning about your priorities and creating something beautiful for you. 


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My background covers a large range of experiences from a wide field of construction & design. Bringing abilities from working as a structural engineer, commercial project manager & luxury interior millwork designer has enabled me to give focus to the details required for a project to be completed with efficiency and care. By using the latest in computer aided design, specifically developed for construction, I am able to create accurate and detailed drawings for client visualization and build. Communicating efficiently with the architects and contractors the Client's design direction for a smooth and simple build.

Balanced life

Balance is our design philosophy as well as our life philosophy.  It is our essential element.  Our designers view interiors through the same balanced lens with results that meet your priorities.   Balanced home & interior design is one part of overall life balance.  What balance is important to you?  We can help you answer that through careful, considered selection to create your beautiful home on Maui.
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