We understand that hiring someone to design your home, interior or exterior, can be a daunting task as you may be unsure of the costs associated. We try and make the process as simple and clear as possible, so you will feel comfortable moving forward with us. The following is what to normally expect from us.


House plans, Drafting, and Permit Sets

1 - Budget

A helpful method for clients working with us in the early stage is to move backwards from their set budget. From there, they can take into account not only the estimated construction costs, but soft costs not associated with construction—the design fees, permitting fees, unexpected costs like a soil reports and grading.

2 - Concept

We typically charge an hourly rate to come up with a concept design that will show our client the scope of work ahead. We charge hourly in this stage of because people don’t always know what they want to do when they start their project. Once we know what the project is, we can move to a fixed fee structure.

3 - plans

In the fixed fee price, we will set the exact amount that our client will be charged for the next stage of their project. Many people like this, as they can have a firm grasp on the costs associated with drafting, engineering, architectural stamping, and permit ready plan sets.

4 - Oversee

Once the project is underway, we can also continue our services onto project administration, where we can oversee that the project is being followed out according to the plans. This is typically charged at an hourly rate.

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Interior Design, Material Specification, and Ordering

interior design

Our clients who have contracted us to design their home often use us to work on the interior design of their home. This is generally charged at an hourly rate and can be set at a “not-to-exceed” number. Typically we can estimate the quantity of hours it will take to design an area, and can give a fairly accurate estimate once the scope of work is determined.

We also do interior design for remodels, large or small. Many clients are looking for help to pull together a color scheme and finish materials for their home, sometimes this may only be a few hours of our time, but can make a large impact on the finished product.

material specification & ordering

If our clients would like us to specify materials and order them, we are able to do so. Generally we will charge a small purchasing fee to organize and order the materials. This fee does not normally exceed 10% of the net cost. Often we are able to receive a trade discount, and we will pass along those saving to our clients.

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